Sports Day

On  sports day my favorite activity on sports day was sprints. I came 3rd and my friend Domenic came 2nd  after we did the sprints we went to batten relay the green team came 1st.  Then we had recess with our class.  After recess we went to the shot put. I came 3 rd in shot and my friend Domenic came 1st.  And the second to last thing we did was high jump.  I made every  jump .  The last thing we did was the 400m sprint I came 5th and Domenic came first.

I had a realy fun day

Focus words

Justice- Justice means means doing the right thing for nothing.

Love-   Love means respect not being rude to each other.

Respect-  Respect means respect nature Respect each other Respect every thing.

Gratitude-  Gratitude is being  grateful for every think.

Excellence-  Excellence means you are very good at some think.




In Rome a really interesting place to go to is the Roman Colosseum. I think the Roman Colosseum would be a great place to visit because it will be a very interesting place to visit. I really want to visit Rome because it is a very clean country and there is a lot of interesting  history thing aroud Rome. I  would really like to go and watch a soccer match in Rome and see the atmosphere.The reason why I would go and watch a soccer match in Rome is because it has lots of atmosphere  and they really like soccer over there.  And lastly I would love to go  to the leaning tower of Pisa because I really want to see how Leens and I would love to climb it and go inside.  I hope you enjoyed me talking all about Rome and three places that I would really like to visit .

Botanical Gardens and Migration Museum

In 2017 on the 25th of September my class and I went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Migration Museum. First we went to the Botanical Gardens. The first thing we did when we got there was we had our Brain Food, for Brain Food I had a banana. After we had Brain Food the tour guide (Karin) came over and told us all what we would be doing today. After she told us what we where doing today, we got split up into two groups. The people that where in my group were Leila, Charlie, Andrei, Isabell, Eve, Monique and I.

The first activity we did as a group was we went to a red wood tree. At the red wood tree we to get a green leaf and a brown leaf and we had to smell them both and tell karin what they smelled like. After the Botanical gardens we went to the migration museum. When we got to the the migration museum we all dropped all of our bags. The tour Guide  was called David he showed us all around the migration museum. It was all about history  in the 1800s. After museum we all went back to the botanical Gardens to have lunch. thanks for looking at my post.

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is a dog.

Classification: Dogs are mammals. They come from the canine family.

 Description: There are 340 dog breeds in the world. The most popular dog is a labrador retriever.

Diet: Dogs like to eat meat and bones. 

Habitat: A dogs natural habitat is the forest. For domestic dogs the habitat is with humans.

Life Cycle: dogs live up to 12 years of age.

Book Week

Last week it was book week.  On Friday we got to dress up as our favorite person from a book.  I went as Neymar  for Book Week because I had nothing else to where. Neymar is from the Neymar book which is a soccer book.  The book parade fun .  The to people that go interviwed where James and Isabel .

We got to do a lot of fun things and activities we did through out the whole week.  My favourite book that we read as a whole class  was the “Gigantic Book Of Geans”. because it is very instresting and it teals you all about your Geans.

After we done the book week parade we wrote about what we dreesed up as . We had to write about  what we dressed up as and then we had to draw our self  in our costum.

the last thing we did was write about how would you get to get to a place with a vecal. I chose to go to Spain. I went to spain beause I have a lots of cousin that

live there so I can staygo stay at there house .

so that is all about my book week. The End

Anh Do weirdo 8

Hello I’m Julian,   I started reading Anh Do 8 at the start of term 3.  I got the book from the lucky book club.  The characters in the book are Anh Do, Bella, Grandma, and Mum and Dad. My favorite character is Anh Do, because he is very funny in the book , and the most funny bit in the book is when Bella and Anh Do got lost in the Zoo.  It is the funniest Anh Do book in my opinyon. You should go a head and buy the book for only 10 dolles. It is worth going to buy the book for only 10 dolles. Go to the shops now and buy it.

An Interview With a Friend

I am going to interview my friend Andrei.

  1. what is your favorite hobby? Answer: Computer games because they are fun and I wouldn’t have a youtube channel if we didn’t have computer games.
  2. what is yore favorite sport? Answer: Sprints because it keeps you fit and I’m a fast runner.
  3. what is your favorite book? Answer: I like a lot of different book series like Bad Guys, WeirDo, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I’m working on my own book series called The Invincible Chicken.
  4. what is yore favorite subject? Answer: English and Bookmaking because I like writing stories and narritives.
  5. What is your favorite movie? Answer: I like lots of different movies because a lot of movies are long and entertaining
  6. What is your favorite food? Answer: Strawberries, watermelon, banana and carrot.

All About Me

Hi. My name is Julian and I am nine years years old.

My favourite sport is soccer because it keeps you fit and it is not a rough like footy.

 My favourite movies

are minions 3 , spongebob because they are very funny movies.

My favourite foods

are pasta, noodles, chicken burgers, salad ,Vegetable

pasie,hot chips,hot dogs.

 My Favourite fuits

are watermelon, Roke melon, Apple,strawberries and


My favourite subjects

Are English and maths because they are both very fun

and very interesting.

And That is all about me